Ross' Weekly Sip: Fourny & Fils Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru

We’re just over a week out from Thanksgiving and I’m continuing my “Champagne Campaign” with arguably the best turkey pairing of all time, blanc de blancs.  If you’re not familiar with the terminology, blanc de blancs (white of whites) is Champagne made from 100% white grapes, primarily chardonnay.  The style is generally crisper and cleaner in style with a strong minerally finish, due to the high chalk content of the Paris Basin (a large, ancient seabed that makes up the soils Champagne, Chablis and even the White Cliffs of Dover).  Very few other wines have the acidity and effervescence to cut through an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

The Champagne I’m featuring this week is the Fourny & Fils Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs from the Premier Cru of Vertus, located in the properly named Côte de Blancs.  Because this wine is a Brut Nature, it is vinified with no residual sugar, in other words, BONE DRY! The wines are sustainably grown using organic viticulture. 30% of the wine is aged for six months in Burgundian oak, adding a little extra body where many blanc de blancs fall short. 

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The Fourny family has been in Vertus since 1856, and are owners of one of only a handful of monopole (single owner) vineyards that remain in Champagne, Clos Faubourg Notre Dame.  With all of their wines, the Fourny family strives for a fine bead, rich, deep aromatics, and a complex minerality emphasizing freshness and purity.  They incorporate minimal additions of suger to all their wines, helping to express a sense of terroir, as opposed to a manipulated “house style.’

For a very limited time, and in limited quantity, Mike’s will be offering the Fourny & Fils Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru in all of our stores, perfect with your holiday meals.  $49.99


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