Y-Zah! Mike's and Double Shift Collaboration

Partnerships with other local businesses are one of our top priorities at Mike’s.  While it is cool to find the newest and weirdest beer from the coasts or beyond, we also love it when great beer comes from our friends just a few miles down the road.   We were psyched to partner with Double Shift for a special Mike’s brew. When Bryan (Head Brewer) asked us what we would be interested in brewing, a hazy juice-bomb IPA was absolutely the answer.  

Three weeks ago, Andy and I (Critter) went down to the crossroads in the early morning to start a full day of brewing (check out our Instagram highlights to see us in action @MikesKC).  Bryan guided us through as we helped make the beer happen. I had “helped” friends homebrew before, but I had never got to do this on larger equipment.  From milling the grain, shoveling it out after the boil, to selecting and putting in hops... to pitching the yeast - a lot of Mike’s love went into this beer.

Y-zah is a 7.8% Hazy New England Style India Pale Ale. “Hazy’s” (if you’ve been sleeping under a rock) are “all the rage,” or so the kids would make it seem.   Low in bitterness (IBU’s) but loaded with hop aroma, juicy tropical fruit notes replace the astringent bitterness sometimes found in a typical IPA.   We used 4 different hop varieties for Y-zah: Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, and El Dorado.

Where can you get Y-zah?   Mike’s! Duh! We have growlers at all 3 stores.   Double Shift will also be serving a limited quantity.   And we’ve sent limited quantities of kegs out to some friends’ bars as well for on-premise consumption.   This beer is keg-only. No bottles or cans. So come on down for a growler of this tastiness!

...And what exactly does that name, Y-zah!, mean?  Well, naming beer is hard. And all the hop puns are ostensibly taken.   Sometimes it is best to look at something “backwards” to see it in a new light.  

-Jeremy Morton

Beer Manager | Mike’s Wine & Spirits

Andy Doohan