Henry's Wine Selection of the Week


Here at Mike’s Wine and Spirits, we work very hard to bring in an ever-changing array of fun and exciting wines to discover and enjoy. Many times, these wines are not only handmade, small production affairs, they are often completely unique to the places they come from. That’s why we love them so much! Instead of drinking the same old boring Chardonnay, these wines give you new perspectives and new flavors to share with friends. This week, we are happy to introduce you to an old favorite of ours that flies under the radar quite a bit, but once you try it, we are certain you will love it.

Welcome to Piedmont, arguably the home of many of Italy’s most celebrated wines and wine estates. The wines of the Angelo Negro winery are no exception. This historically significant winery’s origins date back to 1670. That was the year that the Perdaudin and Prachiosso vineyards were first planted to vines, making them some of the oldest continuously farmed vineyards in Piedmont. Negro’s properties include some of the most sought after vineyard sites in the Roero region, and their wines are undisputably legendary in the Piedmont. Giovanni Negro, who currently helms the estate, makes wines that reflect tradition through the use of local indigenous grapes, but he is not afraid to buck tradition when necessary. A good example is his continued support of the Arneis grape. Giovanni is credited with producing the first dry version of Roero Arneis on record in the region in 1971. Following these traditions, the winery in Monteu Roero produces an impressive range of both Arneis and Roero Nebbiolo, all while maintaining and managing a massive 64 hectares planted to vines using traditional methods and completely organic practices. 

Among our favorites that Giovanni Negro produces is a wine completely unique to the Negro estate, his unfiltered Vino Bianco, produced and labelled exclusively for the US Importer of his wines, The Piedmont Guy. This wine is 100% Arneis from 20 year old vines grown approximately 320 meters above sea level in Monteu Roero. What sets this wine apart is that after fermentation for six months in stainless steel tanks, the wine is bottled completely unclairified and unfiltered with minimal added sulfur. This is the only Roero Arneis made this way, keeping all the cloudy natural yeasts in bottle after fermentation. It has a lovely pale yellow color to it, enhanced by the cloudiness from the remaining yeasts. On the nose it is crushed pears and more exotic fruits like lychees with some hints of citrus notes. The palate is full, rich and voluminous with pleasant tart notes of yellow apples, hints of fennel and the classic mineral notes you’d expect from a more traditional Roero Arneis. This wine is not only a great summer sipper, it is a favorite that pairs with a wide range of food. Come grab a bottle and enjoy, you are going to thank us.

Andy Doohan