August 2018 Beer Specials

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Summer is flying by at quite a pace.  And beer is flying quite a bit, too! I’ve got a few specials for you for the month of August, and a couple of other exciting updates!  

To start our specials, we have a new brand in the KC market. TW Pitchers’ is now carried by our friends at Craft Republic.  Hailing from San Francisco, they specialize in fruit beers and craft shandies/radlers (beers where fruit juice is blended in after the beer’s fermentation has completed.)  The name TW Pitchers’ refers to the brewers names, Tommy and Wilson, who met in college while both playing as pitchers on their college baseball team. Beer, baseball, summer, and they come in cans? Sounds like a perfect combo.

We have 4 varieties to start. All of their products come in 6pk cans, and will all be $8.99 each throughout August.  Radler kicks things off.  A lager beer is blended with grapefruit juice and a hint of blood orange for a refreshing 5.1% ABV summer brew. Tropic Plunder is a mosaic and citra hop IPA coming in at 6.1% ABV, and is blended with passionfruit and lychee fruit post fermentation.   Snake Bite is an apple cider-based shandy with a touch of cranberry, and comes in at 5.1% ABV.  Rounding out the lineup is Pop Top, a wheat beer blended with pomegranate lemonade, and coming in at 5.3% ABV. Come on in and give them a try! Watch for info on tastings throughout the month.

Since rolling out the Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse lineup a couple years ago, Mikkeller has been rolling out the hits, and you have all been rolling the cans out our doors at a ferocious pace. Well... DO I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU…. Throughout August, all varieties of the series are $2.99 each (500ml cans).   Some varieties are low in stock, and when they’re gone - they’re gone! They are another great summer beverage, don’t sleep on this one!

Prairie’s Phantasmagoria Double IPA comes in 4pk 12 oz cans, and is on sale for $10.99 all throughout the month. Evil Twin’s Sanguinem Aurantiaco is a sour ale brewed with Blood Oranges, and comes in 4pk 12 oz cans.  This tasty summer beer is at $8.99 through August. To finish things up, Crooked Stave’s big “burgundy” sour Mama Bear’s Sour Cherry Pie is at $23.99, usually $28.99. This is a steal for their 750ml large format series. The beer is aged in oak on Montmorency Cherries and comes in at 7% ABV. Pick up a branded tulip or goblet to get down on that PROPER GLASSWARE, BRO.   

In other exciting beer news at Mike’s… Remember Mango Lassi, our collab with Crane Brewing?  We had 3 pilot batch kegs back in March, and they blew out in a day. Bottles and kegs are almost here! The beer was brewed about a month ago, and then put on mangos just last week. Vanilla beans just arrived this week. We’ll have bottles and growler-fills very soon.  Stay tuned!  

We’ve got a couple other local collaborations coming down the pipeline later in the year. I hope to have more information on these very soon, as well. I hope your summer is going well, is full of good beer, and good company. Take care, and stay cool!

-Jeremy Morton  | Mike’s Wine & Spirits Beer Manager

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