Ross' Weekly Sip: Forty Ounce Wines Rosé

In 2016, superstar sommelier Patrick Cappiello and Loire Valley winemaker Julien Braud collaborated on a label that would turn the New York wine world upside-down. What they introduced was an homage to brown paper sacks, rolls of duct tape, and oversized glass bottles of Old English. The only difference is these bottles are filled with delicious rosé (and I mean it, this juice is GREAT!).

Forty Ounce Rose.jpg

Forty Ounce Wines' first NYC release was sold out in a matter of days. By 2017, supplies were only great enough to feed the top five US markets, and supplies once again lasted only a matter of days. Flash forward to Summer 2018, Mike’s Wine and Spirits was able to source just enough of this rare juice to offer a few cases at each of our stores. 

So, what’s the deal with the bottle? Is it Gimmicky!? ABSOLUTELY! But that is its greatness. A blend of classic Loire Valley varietals, this wine is great to drink next to the pool, at a BBQ, straight from the bottle, or even to pick up as a gift! 

You can find Forty Ounce Wines Rosé chilled and ready to go at any of our three Mike’s locations, but only while supplies last! $16.99 per bottle. 


Ross Jackson

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