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As I covered last week, this time of year is one of the heaviest with seasonal beer releases.   Oktoberfest beers are out in force, pumpkin beers are starting to show, and more cool weather beers are coming.   Brown ales, stouts, beer with winter spices… but seasonals aren’t the only thing rolling through the door. We got several new and awesome beers from our friends at Craft Republic and Shelton Brothers last week!  Tons of cans, and everything from banana stouts to hazy hops.   Let’s go…

Craft Republic keeps dropping new Evil Twin deliveries left and right these days!  This past week saw a few new arrivals. Some People are Immune To Banana Stout is, as the name suggests, a stout flavored with bananas (as well as maple.)  There aren’t too many banana beers going around, so give this 16oz can release a try!   We also received yet another hazy can humorously named Where IPAs Go To Die.  I doubt the hazy style is where they go to die, but perhaps.  I don’t doubt that this beer is tasty.   We also got another Evil Twin and Westbrook collab, called OFYMD.  This is a pina colada-inspired imperial stout and is flavored with pineapple and coconut.   

Stillwater Artisanal had a couple new items as well.  Extra Extra is a Brut IPA.  Brut IPA is a new subset of the IPA style.  They utilize the enzyme amyloglucosidase to break down sugars that would otherwise not be consumed in fermentation.  The result is a 0° Plato, bone dry beer. The absence of malt sweetness allows nuances to shine that otherwise may get lost in the shuffle.   We also received the goofy-named Stupid Head, which is a tropical smoothie-flavored hefe!

Shelton Brothers picked up an exciting brand for this recent delivery!  18th Street Brewery from Hammond, Indiana makes great canned beers that are well-regarded among beer nerds.   The launch in this market has started with 4 beers, all are in 16oz 4pk cans (sold as individual cans as well.)

-Best Patio Pils: 4.9% abv traditional pilsner brewed w/ Noble hops.   

-Back Exodus: 7.7% abv oatmeal stout brewed w/ oatmeal, dark malt,

and caramelized brown sugar.  

-Here Comes The Reaper:  6.2% abv NE-IPA brewed w/ Mosaic and Chinook hops.

-Sex And Candy: 7.5% abv NE-IPA brewed w/ Falconer’s Flight and Chinook hops.  

There were other odds and ends, and plenty of good choices on the growler boards.   This week will surely bring more new choices. Stay tuned for new releases, weekend beer-picks, and next month’s web specials!  


Jeremy Morton

Resident Beer Guy | Mike’s Wine & Spirits

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