Barrel Aged Mansion Brew

    Almost a year ago, I took a freshly emptied Caffe Amaro barrel from J. Rieger Distilling over to Torn Label to be filled with a 9.8% Imperial Wheat Stout brewed with Thou Mayest coffee.   After months of aging, the beer is finally ready.  The amaro barrel brought a great nuance to the beer, and was a nice shift from the usual barrel aged flavors found in many beers in the market today.   Bottles are available in extremely limited quantities at all three Mike’s locations.

Toppling Goliath

It’s finally here!  Toppling Goliath has been making huge waves in the beer world since opening in 2009.   Known for their knock-out IPAs and barrel aged stouts, this was a much anticipated arrival for the Missouri market.   We’ve got seven beers from them in the stores, some in extremely limited quantity: King Sue, Sosus, Fire Skulls & Money, Pseudo Sue, Golden Nugget, Pompeii, and Dorothoy’s Old World Lager.   All of these beers come in 4pks of 16oz cans, and we have single cans available as well. If you’re into hops, you need to get into a Mike’s and pick some up now!

Speaking of Hops…

Toppling Goliath wasn’t the only hops to hit recently.   Hoof Hearted Brewing was picked up by Craft Republic.  We’ve only got two different beers at this time, but I would dare say they're two of the best IPAs we’ve ever had in the stores.  There were also several new releases from Fat Orange Cat, Stillwater, and Evil Twin.    Come get down on some hazy!


Jeremy Morton |  Resident Beer Guy

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Andy Doohan