Ross' Proper Margarita

Temperatures are on the rise (thank goodness) and that means a switch to beverages that feel a little more spring and summer!

Instead of stouts, I’ll be reaching for citrus-forward IPAs and fruity sours.  Instead of big red wines, I’ll be drinking chilled whites and rosé like there’s no tomorrow!

Instead of rich, warming, wintertime cocktails, I’ll be making the switch to something lighter and fresher…perhaps a Highball, or a Caipirinha.  More often than not though, I’ll go with my all-time favorite summer-time cocktail, the Margarita! 

In addition to drinking more Margs this summer, I’m also making an effort to include more local products in my concoctions.  If years of working in local restaurants and retail have taught me anything, it’s that we all have to make a conscious effort to support those in our communities, or they may not stand the test of time. 

Over the last year I’ve gotten to know one new, local product very well.  One I’ve come to admire for its taste and uniqueness.  This product is Mean Mule American Agave Spirit.  While not technically Tequila, as it isn’t produced in Jalisco, Mean Mule is a nod to the Mexican spirit with an American twist.  Loaded with notes of citrus and pineapple, this is a perfect base for a proper margarita! 

Featured on our April Web Special, there’s still time to pick up a 750ml bottle and try yourself for $27.99, down from its everyday price of $38.99!!  Snag a bottle and use my recipe below, you won’t be disappointed!   


Ross Jackson

mean mule marg.jpg

Ross’ Proper Margarita

2oz Mean Mule Silver Agave Spirit

3/4oz Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao

3/4oz Fresh Lime Juice

If you prefer a hint of sweetness to soften the tangy lime juice, add 1/4oz of Agave Nectar

Add all ingredients to a shaker tin w/ ice, shake, and pour neat or over fresh ice.