This Week in Beer: May 15, 2019

Boulevard dropped two limited releases these past two weeks!  Hold The Pancakes is in stores currently, but is going quick!  This is a huge boozy blend of barrel-aged imperial brown ales and stouts aged in bourbon and rye whiskey casks, as well as maple syrup-filled whiskey barrels.  This monster comes in at 13.9% ABV, and while you're at it - have a pancake with your beer, we won't tell Jeremy Danner!

Boulevard's Smooth Fuzz also dropped last week, and is getting great reviews from everyone who has tried it!  This sour ale is a blend of fouder and barrel-aged beer, some as old as 36 months.  The beer was rested on whole apricots prior to bottling.  At 7.2% ABV, you'll be feeling both smooth AND fuzzy!

We still have a small amount of City Barrel's beers in stock.  Rad AF is almost gone, and 816 won't be far behind it.   It will be a few weeks before City Barrel makes another delivery!   In other Crossroads brewery news, we have a new batch of Tongue Lash from our friends at Torn Label.  This comes just in time for the heat, and 4pk cans are available now!

Last note: If you're a Maplewood Brewing fan, and have been taking advantage of our May ad price of $11.99 on 4pks of Son Of Juice, you may have noticed we've sold out at some of the stores.  SOJ will be back TOMORROW, and with a freshly canned batch to boot!  Y'all sure do love your haze!


Jeremy Morton

Beer Manager | Mike's Wine & Spirits KC

Andy Doohan