This Week in Beer: August 13, 2019

Summer is a great time for sours!  We’ve had a great influx of tasty treats in the sour/funky/wild/farmhouse arena, and I wanted to highlight a few arrivals.  Some of these are in very limited quantity! 

    First up, we have a small amount of bottles from The Rare Barrel.  This brewery is up there as far as breweries I never thought i’d see roll in on the deliveries.  Breakfast Time, Apropos of Nothing, and Entanglement are available while supplies last.   Who knows when/if we’ll ever see more of their beer - so get on it!   Jester King also dropped a few bottles.   We got new batches of Le Petite Prince, El Cedro and Snorkel, as well as the KC debuts of Mr. Mingo and No Whalez Here.    Snorkel was one of the first Jester King beers that I ever tried when we received it a few years back.  This funky take on the gose features smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms grown by the brewery’s neighbors, Logro Farms.   

    Hometowner’s Boulevard released Licking Wallpaper, a sour saison aged on boysenberries. I’m a pretty big fan of boysenberries, so i’ll be trying this very soon.  This is part of their “First Fridays Series” of limited releases. We’ve still got a little bit of Love Child #10, as well.   

Brussels’ De La Senne Brewing dropped Spruiting Vat.  This foeder-aged saison was brewed in collaboration with De Garde Brewing out of Tillamook, OR.  The beer was brewed in Brussels on April 30th, 2018, and bottled this past January.   De Garde makes some fantastic wild and sour beer, and seeing their name on a bottle on KC shelves is pretty sweet!   And while i’m at it on Belgian things: stop by our Waldo store! I put out a few Drie Fonteinen bottles.   Hommage and Cuveé Armand & Gaston (750ml, bottled Jan 2018) are on the shelf by the wine bar, no holds! 

Hope you’re having a great week!   

Jeremy Morton | Beer Manager

Mike’s Wine & Spirits KC

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