Happy New Beer! 2018

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Happy New Year!  Am I a month late in saying that?  Guess so. The holidays came and went in a fury, and but we’re still plugging along on the regularly scheduled business of bringing you new beer!   The past week has been no different.

Yesterday saw the delivery of a few new items from distributor Craft Republic.   We kick things off with a pair of new hazy IPAs from Evil Twin.  Lost Souls comes in 16oz cans, both 4pks and as single cans.  Clocking in at 7% ABV, Lost Souls boasts tropical notes of pineapple and Mango.   Joining it is Ceci N’est Pasa, a Double-Dry Hopped New England Style IPA.  Coming in at 8.5% ABV, you couldn’t tell by taste - this goes down very smooth.   Both of these are excellent and exciting offerings from a craft classic, but also a brewery not afraid to adapt to changing tastes and times.  Both are available at all 3 stores for a great price, don’t sleep on these!

Stillwater Artisanal Ales also brought some juice… of the sour variety!  Ground Loop is a collaboration between Stillwater founder Brian Strumke and Two Roads Master Brewer Phil Markowski.   The story behind the name Ground Loop references that Strumke was once a DJ, and Markowski an electrical engineer who also rebuilt old radios.  Ground Loop is a sour saison coming in at 4.5% ABV. The beer is in 16oz Cans in both singles and 4pks, and is available at all 3 Mike’s locations.  

Oude Bae is sour brewed with Pinot Noir grapes.   I was excited to see this one on the order.  When grape sours are done well, they’re among my favorite variety of fruit beers.   Stillwater recently re-released their super tasty Sauvignon Blanc grape sour, Hopvine Bling.  Oude Bae keeps up the momentum.  I loved it. At 6.5% ABV, this is still very drinkable, with a strong and flavorful backbone.  The grapes bring a perfect balance of jam and dry, almost tannic qualities. The beer is finished in French oak for a month, which imparted great wood notes and balance.  12oz Cans are available at all 3 stores, both in 4pks and singles.

In other delivery news, we have the yearly return of an old favorite.  

Hopslam is here!  Bell’s once-a-year 10% ABV double IPA with honey made the switch to 6pk 12oz cans a couple of years ago.   Hopslam is important.  In the explosion of craft beer the past few years, Hopslam was a very note-worthy beer.   It became a phenomenon a few years ago, to the point that we just couldn’t get everyone enough.   The even-further explosion of breweries these past couple years alone has had a sizeable impact on its hype.  But aside from the hype, it’s still the same tasty stuff. Object of ridicule by haze-fans? Oh, for sure! But don’t let its reduced “coolness” factor keep you from hop-slamming a sixer... It only comes once a year!

Be sure to check out our February web specials tomorrow!  I’ve got it stacked with savings on some really good stuff.   The Crooked Stave 4pks are going to stay their killer $7.99 pricepoint through the month.   I’ll have massive discounts on some Prairie 500ml bottles.   They’re all drinking great, but we got some great discounts from Shelton Brothers, and had to pass ‘em along to you!  Hallo Ich Bin cans from Mikkeller will stay $3.99 across the board ($12.99/4pk).   And i’ll have lots of other goodies from Evil Twin to Stillwater…. AND MORE...  dun.. dunn... dunnn...

I hope your year is off to a great and beer-filled start!  Stay tuned, and now that the holiday madness is over - i’ll get back to writing about one of my personal favorite things in this world...beer. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

Jeremy Morton | Beer Manager

Mike’s Wine & Spirits KC

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